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  • How to get to Dilao?
    We are at the entrnace to Tepoztlán. Dilao Sculpture Park is located on Federal Highway to Cuernavaca Km. 15.2, Tepoztlan Morelos Mexico. Please check the website for detailed directions, including public transportation.
  • What is dilao?
    Dilao is a sculpture park. Dilao is an outdoor space in Tepoztlán, Morelos, where landscape, art and nature combine to offer a unique experience to the visitor.
  • Should I reserve my ticket?
    We appreciate reservations to serve our visitors better. You can purchase your tickets on-line or upon arrival.
  • What is the admission price?
    General admission tickets are $100 mxn.
  • Can I stay all day?
    Yes. Your ticket allows you to be in Dilao within our opening hours. We advise our vistors to plan at least two-hours for a walk around the park.
  • What is allowed to do in Dilao?
    You may touch the sculptures within your reach with respect and care. It is part of the sensory experience at Dilao. Climbing or hanging from the sculptures or dry-stone walls is not allowed, please mind your children. Only the benches and chairs may be used as seats. Dilao is a great place to admire nature. Please do not pick fruit from the trees or wild flowers, or disturb the birds, lizards and insects that live here.
  • Do you offer food and beverages?
    Yes. Las Nubes café and bar offers a magnificent view of the park where you can cool off in the shade with an original selection of drinks and snaks.
  • Can I visit Dilao with children?
    Yes. Dilao is an outdoor park that allows you to move freely. Children can run and play. You can jog to exercise. You can even play an instrument. Always respect others, mind your voice volume and personal space.
  • Can I visit Dilao with my dog?
    Dogs are welcome and really enjoy the walk. They must always be on a leash and under the responsibility of an adult, and avoid disturbing other walkers or wildlife.
  • Can I bring my own food and drink?
    Eating is only allowed in designated areas. You may not light a fire or bring tents or folding chairs.
  • Can I have my party in Dilao?
    Dilao is an fantastic venue for private events. From an intimate picnic to a reception for several hundred guests, Dilao has as many possibilities as your imagination allows. Contact us to plan your event. We have the best providers in the area.
  • Can I go in a wheelchair?
    Yes, Dilao has large flat spaces where a wheelchair can circulate. We are working on improving wheel-chair access to all our areas. Please contact us to let us know your needs so we can help.
  • Do I have to walk a lot?
    It's up to you. If you have difficulty moving, you can directly access the pavilion to sit down and experience the sculptural field from there.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes. There is parking inside the premises of the park. If you have special mobility needs, please contact us for support.
  • Do you have toilets?
    Yes, we have toilets in our service area and parking inside the premisses. If you have special mobility needs, please contact us for support.
  • Do you offer workshops?
    Yes. Suscribe to our newsletter to find out about our workshops and stay up-to-date with Dilao's cultural offer.
  • Can I visit Dilao at night?
    Yes, we host star-gazing sessions and late evenings after the rainy season, suscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date about our future events.
  • Where to eat in Tepoztlan?
    Tepoztlán is famous for its traditional food market, where corn is the main protagonist. The handmade criollo corn tortillas, the tlacoyos stuffed with fresh cheese, beans or pork, salted beef tacos, quesadillas and the sopes or picaditas are some of the regional delicacies that you can try in the central market. Tepoztlán also has magnificent restaurants where the ingredients of the local cuisine are transformed into haute cuisine dishes. Our favorite restaurants are Plot Tlalocan Walk Fernanda House The Tepozteco Inn The Plum Tree The Shadow of the Sabine
  • Where to stay in Tepoztlan?
    The pueblo mágico has a wide variety of lodging options for travelers of all types, from guest houses and hostels for backpacking travelers to renowned hotels awarded the Tesoros de México label and beautiful boutique hotels that pamper guests with all kinds of luxuries. Our favorite hotels are: Casa Fernanda La Posada del Tepozteco El Ciruelo
  • What to do in Tepoztlan?
    Tepoztlán offers many attractions. Try the local delicacies in the food market or book a table for fine dining in a restaurant, there are many options. Visit the museum ex-Convento de la Natividad, hike up to the pyramid, take a guided walk in nature, or shop in the center of town.

Frequently Asked Questions

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