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Sobre Dilao

Chalchitépetl, Treasure Mountain and Dilao Sculpture Park in Tepoztlán.
El Chalchitépetl, cerro del tesoro y Dilao campo escultórico en Tepoztlán.

Dilao opened its doors to the public in November 2019, after six years of development in which trees were planted on almost bare land and work was done on museography and landscaping. During the pandemic, Dilao offered free visits every Saturdays as a space where it was possible to enjoy the outdoors safely. In 2021 we opened again with a memorial tribute to the artist Juan Sánchez Juárez. In 2022 we premiered the Festival ¡Somos Costeños! for the 30th anniversary of Discos Corason.

As of 2023, we have a schedule from Thursday to Sunday and we have food and beverage service in charge of the Las nubes coffee bar. 

Dilao means "yellow" in Tagalog, the Malay language spoken in the Philippines, where the sculptor Eduardo Olbés was born, and alludes to the color of wild flowers and the more than eighty trees that flower in this color planted in the sculpture park. Dilao was created as an ideal space to appreciate sculpture. This allows the widest public to benefit directly from the artistic offer, and at the same time, allows artists to show large-format work for which it can be difficult and expensive to find suitable exhibition spaces. It is a completely private and independent project that aspires to have a public mission and influence the well-being of the community that hosts it.

Dilao has rainwater collection and storage systems, and generates all the electricity it uses through solar cell panels. 

Eduardo Olbés en Dilao campo escultórico de Tepoztlán.
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